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The ERRA has now been in existence more than 8 years. It evolved from the AAA of England Road Running Management Committee with the objective of having a similar organisation to represent road running at England level as ECCA does for cross country. The ERRA is now described as a “Special Association” under the AAA’s and is affiliated to England Athletics and will continue to flourish under the new arrangement for athletics in England. Many joint ventures are planned with England Athletics so that the position will be of benefit to Road Running in the future.

The main activities of ERRA at present are as follows:
organise the English National Road Running Championships, matches, competitions
and Road Relays. The relays are English Championships, staged by ERRA. In the reorganisation ERRA became the Championship provider for English Road Running. So basically the relays are organised by the same organisation as in previous years.
• work with England Athletics on International road running affairs
• maintain the competition rules of UK Athletics in English Road Running Championships, matches and competitions.
• ensure events comply with the rules of the UK Athletics and International bodies in respect of doping
• record English performances for road running
• help co-ordinate road running fixtures in England and the United Kingdom
• advise and assist the Territorial Associations and their affiliated Clubs and Bodies
in England in all matters relating to road running (including Championships)

The composition of the governing body for the English Road Running Association is as follows:

Three elected Officers Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary
Six Territorial representativesTwo from the Midlands, two from the North and two
from the South